New Listings Forms

What is new and how to use it?

From now on, listings forms have more fields, that need to be filled. The new obligatory fields are the ones required for the Data Quality Level 1 (according to DIN SPEC 91446) plus the MFI/MVR properties of the materials. Please have a look at the image below to see them all (fields highlighted by the red, dotted lines):

What are the benefits?

At cirplus, we believe that information is the minimum necessary to know about material in order to assess its suitability for further applications. And it makes the communication between sellers and buyers more transparent and business-oriented right from the beginning.

The maximum expiration period is 4 weeks for one-off publications and 12 weeks for ongoing ones, and it is applied automatically. You can also set it manually, but the expiration date can’t exceed the default maximum. As time passes, you can update it. In case the listing reaches the expiration date, it will be delisted (not shown to other users). But it can be simply listed again, you just have to update the expiration date of the listing.

What are the benefits?

This feature will improve communication, as it prevents contacting companies that don’t have the materials available anymore or being contacted through offers for which no materials are available.

Now the listings forms display only the obligatory fields. All extra information that you want to add to the listing can be found by clicking on the “+” sign.

What are the benefits?

This way the listings forms get simple, clean, and easy to understand, the multiple fields that could be irrelevant in certain cases are avoided.




Our mission: make plastic waste history! Closing the plastic recycling loop with circular technology.

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Our mission: make plastic waste history! Closing the plastic recycling loop with circular technology.

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