Circular Plastics News #7

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2 min readOct 19, 2021

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New Recycling Power | Recyclable Pet Food Packaging | Yoghurt Packaging From rPS

Starlinger’s Lines At Srichakra Polyplast Facilities

The Indian leading plastic recycling and waste management company, Srichakra Polyplast, spent its investments on purchasing PET bottle-to-bottle and post-consumer polyolefin recycling lines from Starlinger. With this modernization, Srichakra Polyplast will supply the markets with high-quality rPET suitable for food packaging.

Mondi And Vafo Group Present Recyclable Pet Food Packaging

Mondi has produced the recyclable mono-material dog food packaging for Hau-Hau Champion, one of Finland’s most popular brands, which is manufactured by a subsidiary of Vafo Group. The new packaging solution is recyclable but also performs high barrier protection, consumer convenience, and brand recognition.

Polystyvert Test rPS With COEXPAN On Yoghurt Packaging

Polystyvert has a focus on setting up the circular economy for styrenic plastics through a dissolution recycling process. And together with one of the world’s leaders in Form Fill Seal (FFS) food packaging systems, COEXPAN, they are validating the use of the dissolution rPS for FFS yoghurt packaging applications.