Circular Plastics News #19

Investments In Recycling | Equipment For Circular Plastics | Circular Flexible Films

Heraeus’s Investment In PET Recycling

Heraeus Holding GmbH, a global Fortune 500 company, announced its investment to take a majority stake in perPETual Technologies, one of the world’s leading PET recycling companies. The company will be renamed revalyu Resources GmbH as part of global expansion plans, aiming to become the world’s most advanced PET recycling company and to recycle 100 million used PET bottles per day by 2026.

Starlinger’s Equipment For Circular Plastics Australia

The recently opened Circular Plastics Australia PET recycling facility is equipped with a bottle-to-bottle recycling line from Starlinger that produces 2.5 tons of rPET per hour. Circular Plastics Australia is a joint venture partnership between Cleanaway Waste Management, Pact Group, Asahi Beverages, and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners aiming to create a circular economy for PET beverage and food packaging.

Minnesota-based Initiative On Circular Economy for Flexible Films

MBOLD coalition invokes a new ecosystem to support a circular economy for flexible packaging and films in the USA Upper Midwest. The new initiative will expand film recycling infrastructure and the supply of recycled resin for use in new products, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste. Myplas USA will build a state-of-the-art recycling plant, that’s planned to begin its operations in spring 2023 and to recycle nearly 90 million pounds of LDPE and HDPE packaging and film annually at full capacity.



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