Circular Plastics News #18

Recycling Flexible Plastics | Film Recycling | Food-grade PP

Collaboration On Recycling Of Flexible Plastics

Sealed Air, ExxonMobil, and Ahold Delhaize USA collaborate on an advanced recycling initiative. The initiative is supposed to start this summer and scale over time. In this project, the flexible plastics from the food supply chain will be recycled and remade into new, certified circular food-grade packaging. The initiative will help keep used flexible plastics out of landfills.

Morssinkhof-Rymoplast Expands Film Recycling Capacity

Dutch recycling group Morssinkhof-Rymoplast is investing €30 million into developing a site in Markranstädt (Germany) that will be capable of recycling 30,000 tonnes of plastic film per year. The first customers will be able to be served in the first quarter of 2023. After completion, Rymoplast will have an annual recycling capacity of more than 100,000 tonnes rLDPE suitable for film application.

Milestone Of NEXTLOOPP Initiative

NEXTLOOPP, a global initiative of 43 companies, achieves a cardinal point in closing the loop on food-grade polypropylene recycling. Now, NEXTLOOPP is sending PP prototype resins from post-consumer food packaging to 43 participants for further trials. And beginning soon, the production trials of food-grade compliant rPP will make more than 60 different products.



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