Circular Plastics News #17

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2 min readApr 4, 2022


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Partnership Of Solvay And Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

Solvay and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) are now developing a recycling strategy for end-of-life medical components made from Solvay’s Udel high-performance PSU. Solvay’s polymer chemistry expertise and MCAM’s mastery of mechanical recycling will help reach the goal of reusing recycled materials in the original applications.

Aliplast Creates “Reload” Brand

Aliplast is presenting a line of products with the “Reload” trademark, that guarantees a very high percentage of PCR material. For the films, the percentage of recycled content is over 85%, and for PET sheets this value rises to over 90%. The use of products with a high percentage of recyclates represents the sustainability concept, as well as a saving in terms of taxes.

TOMRA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary

On 1st of April, TOMRA marked its 50th anniversary and announced a bold new mission to “transform how we all obtain, use and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a world without waste”. This mission is looking to the future of resource optimization. TOMRA has an ambition to enable 40% of plastic packaging produced globally to be collected for recycling by 2030.