Circular Plastics News #15

Globally Binding Treaty | Plastic Packaging Innovations | NEXTLOOPP

Historic Resolution To End Plastic Pollution

The new resolution was approved at the UN Environment Assembly last week. It aims to end plastic pollution, make an international legally binding agreement by the end of 2024. The composed agreement should reflect diverse alternatives to address the full lifecycle of plastics, and the need for international collaboration to execute the revolutionary plan.

£30 million For Plastic Packaging Innovations

The Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge, organized by the UK Research and Innovation funding agency, has announced £30 million in funding for 18 breakthrough projects. They are focused on circular economy business models, novel polymer materials, and new recycling technologies of food-grade polypropylene, films, and flexible packaging.

Braskem Joins NEXTLOOPP

Braskem has become the 40th participant of Nextek’s project NEXTLOOPP. The aim is to create food-grade recycled Polypropylene from post-consumer packaging waste. This project, which was launched in October 2020, recently showed outstanding results of its innovative tracer-based sorting trials. Braskem’s expertise will contribute to the further development of the project.



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