Circular Plastics News #14

Sustainable Smartphone Cases | rPS As Food Contact Material | Marine Litter Into Furniture |

The Partnership Of ZAGG and Eastman

ZAGG, a global leader in mobile device protection, will incorporate Eastman’s Tritan™ Renew copolyester into new protective smartphone cases. Here, the material-to-material molecular recycling technology is used. Tritan Renew contains 50% certified recycled content, which is achieved by allocating the recycled waste plastic to copolyester using a mass balance process.

Food Contact Mechanical Recycling Of Polystyrene

Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) is on a mission to confirm the safety of mechanically recycled polystyrene for food contact applications. SCS has already two submissions to be assessed by the European Food Safety Authority. They are based on two different super-cleaning technologies as part of ‘PET-like’ food contact mechanical recycling processes.

AIMPLAS’s Project For The Marina Of Valencia

AIMPLAS, the technology center in Valencia, successfully finished the project to recover marine litter through mechanical recycling and manufacture a new bench for the Marina of Valencia. This bench was produced by CM PLASTIK from 100% recycled plastic and 15% end-of-life fishing nets and other marine litter provided by Asociación Vertidos Cero. The project was funded by CaixaBank and the Bancaja Foundation.



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