Circular Plastics News #1

In our bi-weekly digest, you will dive into the world of plastics and their path in a circular economy.

Flexible Packaging Recycling | Recyclable Food Pouches | Recycled-based Fiber

Chemical Recycling For Flexible Packagings

A global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, Scholle IPN, has arranged a partnership with a Netherlands-based firm specializing in chemical recycling technologies, OBBOTEC. Together they aim to develop and test new chemical recycling methods to solve the growing plastic waste management problem and minimal circularity of flexible packaging.

Fully Recyclable PE-based Food Pouches

The collaboration of DOW, Syntegon, Comexi, Plastchim-T, and Ticinoplast has led to the creation of new fully recyclable PE-based high-barrier flexible stand-up food pouches. BOPE (biaxially-oriented polyethylene) technology is at the core, that enables all the required properties of the barrier layers together with their recyclability.

Recycled-based Fiber Dyneema From DSM, SABIC

In cooperation with CircularTeam’s members, DSM will produce recycled-based fiber Dyneema from SABIC’s circular ethylene, which uses mixed plastic waste as feedstock. And the planned applications for Dyneema material are sailing ropes and pelagic trawl nets. Those are early-stage steps towards the fully circular Dyneema.



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